Lady Stiletto - Foot Fetish & Shoe Fetish Mistress, Wakefield - About Mistress

Foot and Shoe Fetish Mistress

Man that is born of woman hath but a short space to live etc, but where should he be in that interim between birth and death if not at the feet of a strong, commanding Mistress? What in this world can compare with that thrilling and electric interaction between a Dominant and the slave at her feet?

The feeling of being permitted to worship and kiss that delightful and beautiful part of Her desirable body? To see the erotic curve of Her insole, the pink deliciousness of each toe and the tantalising glimpse of those intimate spaces in between?

To lick the warm, soft flesh of Mistress's feet and the contrasting hard, coldness of Her foot ornaments is to experience submission at its most primal.

What sort of feelings are aroused in you if receive permission to touch and caress, to kiss and to lick, to breathe in Her natural odours mixed with a faint hint of Her exotic perfume as She looks down on you indulgently..

Maybe She will lean forward to stroke your hair, or maybe to administer pain. Maybe it will be an ecstatic mixture of both as She whispers honeysweet mocking words that sting and enslave.

Maybe She will ignore you completely, choosing to treat you as the pathetic object you are, a stool, a cushion, a thing, an inanimate machine created and invented solely for Her pleasure and thus below Her notice. No matter how you grovel and strive to please, you know that She would as soon speak to an insect.

Mistress has beautiful feet. Would you like to worship? Then look at My Sessions Page